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Welcome to the Caregiver Support Circle hosted by members of

NOFAS Northern California!

Our Circle is an informal, peer support group that provides a place for caregivers of a child, adolescent, or adult with suspected or diagnosed FASD to share challenges and successes, and have access to verbal, emotional and resource support if and when needed.

We will be meeting monthly, on the 4th Saturday, from 11am – 12noon.


We hope you will attend as regularly as possible to ensure that the bond among group members grows and remains strong. Though the meeting time is limited, a group peer will be available to reach out to you for additional support and listening when requested.


We have some norms we ask group members to agree to in order to ensure the group is a safe, athentic forum for sharing and support.

Caregiver Support Circle Norms

* We listen (without crosstalk) -- and offer feedback only if invited by the caregiver sharing.

* Feedback is offered in the spirit of “have you considered” rather than “you should.”

* Confidentiality is paramount – everything shared within the Circle stays in the Circle. The purpose of the Circle and the kinds of issues addressed may be shared with others but not specific names, situations or similar details.

* We are all in the Circle with the best of intentions. Many of us may come stressed and frazzled by the challenges of caring for a person with FASD. If you feel that someone has responded to your sharing in a way that is not supportive or helpful, try to let that be known in the moment. The Circle group leaders can assist in members building authentic relationships within the group.

*Ideas, thoughts and support shared in our Circle are not professional advice: for further guidance and direction we encourage you to work with trained professionals.***

We look forward to seeing you at our next Support Circle meeting! We will send you the Zoom link to the meeting a few days before the meeting.

Please download a copy of this letter for your records.  

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