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Jeffery M. An Arctic judge’s journey with FASD. J Psychiatry Law. 2010;38:585-618.

University of Washington, Fetal Alcohol and Other Drug Unit, Fetal Alcohol Legal Issues Resource Center

​Wartnik A. Stopping the revolving door of the justice system: Ten principles for sentencing of people with FASD. Williamsburg, VA: National Association of State Judicial Educators. 2011.  

NOFAS Topics: FASD and the Legal System

NOFAS - FASD and the Criminal Justice System - Full Press Conference 2011

NOFAS Webinar:  When Someone with an FASD is arrested: What you need to know

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David Boulding - Fetal Alcohol Consultant 

FASD & the Law - Part 1 and 2

Legal Resources

ABA Resolution on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, 2012

David Boulding, esq. - Fetal Alcohol Consultant

Have your attorney read: Mistakes I have Made with FAS Clients – David Boulding, Esq. and FASD expert.

Kathryn Kelly, Esq. University of Washington, Fetal Alcohol and Other Drugs Unit, is an attorney who is knowledgeable about FASD and issues in the legal system.

Have your loved one’s attorney contact Ms. Kelly at  (206) 543-7155

My Attorney doesn't know about FASD

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