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Caregiver Resources

Diane Malbin - Fascets  

Her book, Trying Differently Rather Than Harder explains the Neurobehavioral approach to interacting with people affected by FASD.  

Nate Sheets - Oregon Behavioral Consultants

OBC has great quick videos on how to work with a person who has FASD in a cooperative, respectful way.  Watch them on Youtube.

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FASD: Strategies not Solutions by The Edmonton and Area Fetal Alcohol Network (EFAN) is a resource to educate caregivers and the community in managing and understanding the behaviours associated with FASD.

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Strategies for Improving Outcomes, POPFASD Dan Dubovsky shares a number of practical and universal strategy ideas for working with people who live with FASD.


Adoption/Foster Care

"Behavior" Strategies


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Confabulation - this article explains confabulation and distinguishes it from lying.  A good hand-out for people who might need help grasping this concept.  


People with FASD



Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD: Clinical Considerations International Journal of Pediatrics Volume 2010, Article ID 639048.

Informative article with explanations and sleep hygiene strategies as well as understanding of the complexity of the family affected by FASD.  


Time Management

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