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Unstructured times

  • Small group lunch setting in a quiet area

  • Adult supervision during lunch and recess



  • Predictable multi-sensory transitional warnings

  • Warn student regarding unexpected changes in routine

  • Transitional objects to reduce anxiety

  • Early release from class to reduce sensory overload


Social and Emotional

  • Safe space provided for calming down

  • Check-in/out with a trusted adult at day’s beginning and end

  • Teachers and staff will use a soft neutral tone and eye contact 


Sensory Integration

  • Fidgets are allowed for focus

  • Movement breaks during class to support regulation



  • Staff check-in with family when the student is absent for more than 2 days

  • Home visits for problem-solving getting back to school

  • Alternate workspace provided to maintain attendance

  • Check-in from school if a student is absent

Organization and Planning 

  • Graphic organizers for writing assignments

  • Visual planners for multi-step assignments

  • Provided a visual daily planner

  • Break down lessons and projects into smaller chunks 

  • Check for understanding, use model

  • Adult lead, single sheet assignment/homework organizer 


Work Space

  • Alternative quiet workspace provided

  • Desk screen provided

  • Preferred seating  ie. near focused peer, next to the teacher

  • Seating away from distracting stimuli

  • Increase distance between desks


Work Period

  • Teacher prompts to stay on task

  • Check for understanding (by showing)

  • Access to assisted technology: audiobooks, keyboards, speech to text, Kurzweil, recorder

  • Visual template: outlines and notes provided

  • Multi-sensory modes of teaching


  • Extra time 

  • Multi-step, complex instructions will be broken down

  • Reduced amount. The student will read all types of reading material used in the classroom but will not read multiple examples. The student will write one essay for each type assigned in the class but not multiple essays per type.

  • Grade will not be reduced for handwriting/spelling on assignments

  • Use of a calculator and manipulative for math

  • Alternate ways of showing competence ie. building a colonial home vs. essay writing


Test Taking​

  • Oral examination 

  • Frequent short quizzes to test for knowledge vs. long exams

  • Reduce essay responses

  • Extra time

  • Alternate quiet space



  • Home/School communication notebook will be maintained

  • Digital document for ongoing communication with family

  • Daily/weekly progress reports home



  • ____ minutes per day maximum homework time

  • Homework assignments will arrive home with clear, concise directions.

  • Reduced amount

IEP Accommodations

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