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Harmed before birth, America's 'lost children' overshadowed by opioid crisis

Fetal alcohol syndrome has slipped from Washington's agenda 

By BRIANNA EHLEY   02/20/2020 05:00 PM EST

BISMARCK, North Dakota — The Trump administration’s war on addiction has left behind an oft forgotten piece of the problem: alcoholism and the lifelong damage it can do to children.

It’s not just the Trump White House that has not focused on alcoholism, and tens of millions of children born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The Obama administration wiped out the main fetal alcohol program at the federal mental health agency back in 2015, despite a steady rise in alcohol addiction.

“A mother has laid bare the "brutal reality" of bringing up her adoptive son after he was left damaged by exposure to alcohol in the womb.  Judith Knox says her 12-year-old son has a range of behavioral problems as a result of FASD.  Ms. Knox said it took six years for her son to be properly diagnosed.  A new support service for parents and caregivers has now been launched.  Ms. Knox said the service was long overdue.”

18 June 2019



June 2019


Workshops offer guidance to caregivers for those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and offers hope for success.  News footage and article of interview with Deb Evensen on FASD and upcoming workshops

Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) has partnered with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to provide these free two day workshops by presenter, Deb Evensen, M.A

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